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Welcome to John/Paul-Library!

A fresh, organised and active fanfiction database that not only will list LJ-fics, but those from AO3 and tumblr as well! In addition to making LJ fics more accessible to new fandom members, this archive will be a succinct collection of the fics that might otherwise have been lost in the internet ether.

Some of the features include:

  • No broken links

  • Fanfiction lists sorted by authors

  • Finding smut is easier than ever before

  • News, where upcoming events (fic challenges, exchanges, Big Bangs etc.) will be announced

  • What Goes On, where both future and past events are visible

  • Submit A Fic, where you can easily help my work to make the library even bigger!

  • A clean interface that is easy to use

  • No more lost fics! (Well, significantly less.) JP-library’s collaboration with mclennonrecs takes care of that!

JP-library will continue to pursue for a better McLennon -experience. One part of this is collaborating with mclennonrecs. Together with them JP-library has put up a plan to #savemclennon. We will organise events such as fic challenges and Big Bangs, as well as Top 20 -lists and other things that will not only help new members of our fandom, but also give the old ones something new! Read the plan to #savemclennon here.

Spread the word! JP-library is meant for everyone, and the aim is to wholly replace JP-archive and grow beyond that (something that the library has, actually, already done). To make it work perfectly your help is needed in submitting fics, but first and foremost, this library is meant for you to find new reading material.

Let your love for J/P thrive!

John/Paul - Library

i am CJD and i love egg pizza

i like to write gay fics of john lennon and paul mccartney and do art

i'm better known from tumblr. i'm also the admin of John/Paul -Library and the McLennon Big Bang.

i am also very sexually frustrated because john lennon and his eyebrows exist in this world. i have this huge inexcplicable urge to stab him between them (so far -no success)